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Sticks and Stones may break our bones, but words can never hurt us!!  You want to send us nasty emails telling us how disgusting, childish, and idiotic we are?? That we are poisoning the youth of today??  Well, all we can say is THANK YOU because now we get to sell a brand new 11"x17" poster proudly displaying your hate mail.  This is a must have for all our truly appreciative fans whom we love with with all our mushy, gross, blood-filled hearts.

Here's a sample of the hate mail on the poster!

"This is akin to the Nazi's of throwing live babies into the air and using them as targets to test our their marksmanship with machine guns... I cannot as a reasonable and open minded person who is part of the human race continue to see this being produced for our youth."


*Poster measures 11" x 17"

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