Joking Hazard Enlarged Box
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  • 1200

Not enough room in your Joking Hazard box to fit the overwhelming vastness and girth of our decks? Fret not, for we fashioned this very box just for you! So go on, stuff your many, many decks into this big fella... he can take it!

  • GARGANTUAN and MONSTROUS enough to hold all expansions of Joking Hazard, the offensive card game from Cyanide & Happiness.
  • Includes 10 BRAND NEW CARDS to add to the mix!
  • Includes 10 add-your-own-words cards... write your own awful comic panels.
  • This is just a really big box with several special cards.... ya need Joking Hazard to play.
  • Does NOT include the other expansion packs... fill 'er up!
  • Don’t buy this for children unless you're in the mood to get yelled at by lame parents.


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