Drinking Buddy Bundle
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What a year, huh? If you're like us (face it, you're more like us than you'd like to admit), then you miss two things: 1.) Your friends and 2.) Drinking liquids with your friends. In an effort to help, we've bundled some of our loveable character plushies with our hilarious pint glasses to simulate the revelry we enjoyed in the Before Times. 

With this bundle you can:

- Fill the glass with liquid(s) (alcoholic or otherwise) or appropriate solid(s).

- Ask your new plush friend if they want anything from the kitchen.

- Drink (or pour!) the contents of the glass.

- Cuddle with your plush friend.

- Marvel at the fact that we can print words and pictures directly onto glassware.

- Weep into your plush friend.

- And so much more!

Each bundle comes with one (1) plush character of your choice as well as one (1) pint glass from our esteemed glassware collection.

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