Cyanide & Happiness Depressing Comic Book
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You folks asked for a Cyanide & Happiness book chock full of laughs and good times, and guess what!?

We ignored you and did the opposite.

Our new DEPRESSING COMIC BOOK consists of the saddest, bleakest, most utterly depressing comics we could think of. This too-horrible-for-the-Internet collection includes all five of our previous depressing comic weeks, plus 40 brand new comics in the mix!

Get ready to be miserable!


  • These comics are really, really sad. We've even organized them by how sad they are, so if you start getting upset please put the book down and go pet a kitten or something.
  • This book is the first book we've ever self-published! That means your purchase directly supports the comics instead of a big publisher. We think that's pretty cool, and hope that you do too.

This book can also be purchased as part of our MINI BOOK BUNDLE DEAL for a discounted price!

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