Joking Hazard: Stroking Hazard
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Last year, a random Amazon user left us a 1 star review, claiming Joking Hazard was just too darn sexy to be funny. This scathing and accurate criticism kept us up every night since, until one way we had a really, really good idea... what if we were even sexier? And, what if we brought in the sexy EXPERTS to help us do the job right?  Pump these 50 brand new cards into your deck, and start playing with your friends on a whole new level.

  • Cyanide & Happiness bring you 50 steamy new cards to add to your JOKING HAZARD game!
  • This is an expansion pack! It requires Joking Hazard to play.
  • 50 all-new cards that are so sexy they should be banned.
  • Yes, we came up with the name “Stroking Hazard” first and then worked backwards
  • If you want to subtly make your intentions known to that cutie you've been hanging with "just as friends", this is the way to do it. 


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