Cyanide & Happiness Dead Plushie
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  • 1995

NOT AGAIN!!!!! This is the 2nd time I forgot to request air holes in our plushie box shipment.  If things continue like this I might get written up.  Well, when life gives you dead plushies, you make lemonade.  We are happy to offer the Dead Plushie again at the store!  With each box I find without holes, the more plushies we can sell!  If you are looking for a cute and cuddly corpse for your room/ friend's room/ anywhere, we are happy to help you out.



  • 12 inches tall, and 6 inches wide at the head.
  • Doesn't smell or attract flies like other corpses
  • Flat bottom for independent upright sitting.
  • Deathly pallor that can match any room (that is colored grey or black)
  • Can still fly butt-first when thrown, in a comedic fashion.

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