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Cyanide & Happiness Mega Book Bundle Deal

Cyanide & Happiness Mega Book Bundle Deal
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Do you ever get the impression that your friends think you're really dumb?  I mean every group of friends has "the dumb friend".  Is that you?  If you're saying "NO WAY!", then we hate to break it to you but it's totally you.  That's cool though, we've got you.  Get your brain all sorts of smart with all the books we've ever written in one big DISCOUNTED bundled of sweetness!  Not only will be help you get smart, but you're gonna get wayyyyy funnier too.  Then you can dump your lame friends and get way cooler ones.  Or keep the ones you have but now you're the sexy nerd!

*Bundle includes Volume 1, Volume 2, Punching Zoo, Depressing Comic, and Stab Factory

*From now until when we decide to stop doing it you get our new bookmarks FREE with each order!

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