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Cyanide & Happiness Bumblebear Plushy

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After receiving a large amount of new products in our warehouse, we are ready to get things sold!  Unfortunately, our warehouse has a slight bumblebear infestation.  Since we cannot afford an exterminator to come by and clean out the nest, we are going to have to figure out some way to get these bumblebears out.  The best idea we could think of is to offer them a new home and a safe journey to get there.  If you feel that you are responsible enough to handle caring for a half-insect half-bear pet, then this bumblebear is for you!



  • 7 inches tall, and 7 inches wide.
  • Fluffably Squishable body, perfect for hugging and other lovable things
  • Like all plushies before, one can throw it for comedic effect
  • All the stinging of a bee with all the mauling of a bear
  • Will not judge you too harshly

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